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Master Tone lost his former Padawan at the battle of Nadiem and shared Kybo's concerns about the threat of the general. With someone to share his views, the potential for a focused attack on Grievous seemed all the more likely. Having heard the entire conversation, Z'Meer Bothu warned Kybo against taking action the defied the Jedi Concil. She told Kybo she would not inform them of his plans, but cautioned him that should he do so, he would not be welcomed back to the Jedi Order. Following the meeting with B'Dard Tone and Codi Ty, Bothu and Kybo were assigned to escort cargo craft to the planet of Alderaan in order to guard against any Trade Federation attacks.

However, Kybo had already made up his mind about Grievous and planned to jump ship just before the fleet entered hyperspace. Apprised of his plans, Master Bothu made no attempt to stop Kybo from choosing his own path, but rather only warned him of defying the wisdom of his seniors. Nonetheless, Kybo felt his fate was determined and stole a ship in order to meet Master Tone and Codi Ty on the remote planet of Bryndar. Here, the Jedi hoped to achieve two things: locating Grievous by monitoring subspace communications and gathering a team of volunteers to help hunt down the cyborg.

While Codi Ty took care of monitoring the communications, Kybo sought to put together the small attack force. Meditating in the planes of Bryndar one morning, Kybo was approached by a miner by the name of Stellskard. He had heard of Kybo's plans and was eager to join the Jedi in their mission. Stellskard belong to a group of miners from Banvhar Station, a small asteroid mining effort. The humble miners were used as target practice by Grievous and only a small number survived. As a consequence, they harbored an intense hatred towards him providing Kybo and the Jedi with the task force they sought.

From their search, the Jedi picked up Separatist communications that put General Grievous somewhere in the Anoat system. They also picked up something much more disturbing. The Jedi learned that during a raid, General Grievous found and kidnapped a group of Padawans from the Bergruutfa Clan. Upon learning this, Kybo and the Jedi resolved to rescue the Padawans in addition to eliminating General Grievous. Using stolen Trade Federation probe droids, the Jedi pinpointed the General's location to the remote moon of Belsus. Using transponder codes again stolen from the Trade Federation, Kybo, the Jedi, and the miners snuck past Trade Federation security to gain access to the moon and Grievous' military compound.

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