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Foul Moudama

Foul Moudama was a Talz Jedi Master of the Old Republic who fought during the Clone Wars. While his origins were lost to the tides of time, he became one of the Jedi Order's most capable of warriors. Due to the nature of Talz's large, burly size, many expected the species to be slow and clumsy. However, Foul Moudama proved to be the exception to this rule. In spite of his large size, the Talz Jedi Master possessed a fluidity and agility that was supplemented by his visual acuity due to his four eyes. Many of his opponents expected Moudama to rely on his natural power in combat rather than his speed and skill. This underestimation only gave the Jedi Master even more of an advantage. Moudama's prowess was not limited to the physical however, as he possessed a strong desire for learning and knowledge. These qualities are what propelled him to the rank of Jedi Master.

During the Clone Wars, Foul Moudama was one of the Jedi Order's greatest assets proving himself time and time again in battle. In the final weeks of the war, Foul Moudama was on Coruscant when General Grievous launched a surprise invasion of the capital world. Grievous planned to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine during the battle, and it was up to the Jedi to stop him. Moudama joined Jedi Masters such as Roth-Del Masona, Stass Allie, Shaak Ti, and Roron Corobb in attempting to protect Palpatine.

From the Chancellor's office, Grievous chased Moudama and the Jedi across the cityscape as they attempted to get the Chancellor to safety. Heading for an underground bunker, Moudama and Master Corobb sealed themselves in the supposedly secure structure. Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep out the cyborg general and the two Jedi Masters found themselves engaged in a ferocious lightsaber battle with Grievous. It was not the first time General Grievous was outnumbered fighting against Jedi. On Hypori, the General fought against four Jedi at once and survived.

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