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Garnoo was an ancient Jedi Master a some years before the Sith War would take place. He was a member of the Neti species, which were tree-like beings that had descended from the planet Myrkr. One of his most famous apprentices was Oss Wilum, a participant in the infamous Sith War, whom he trained toward the end of his life. Unfortunately, Oss had just began his training when Garnoo realized his time was coming to an end. To make sure Oss' training was seen through to the finish, he asked Jedi Master Thon if he would take Oss on as his student, and Thon, recognizing Oss' aptitude for connecting with the Force agreed to take Garnoo's student on as his own. Garnoo lived a long life, and had an illustrious carrer among the Jedi, first working to defend what they believe in, and then to train new Jedi Knights to carry on that tradition. Having been such an accomplished Jedi, it is no doubt that when his time came, Garnoo became one with the Force.