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On Dantooine, the Jedi Masters presented Saresh, Nur, and Qel-Droma with this mission and the trio made their way to Korriban. Following Exar Kun's war, interest in the Sith grew among the galaxy's more simple-minded folk. As was such, a small spaceport opened up in the Dreshdae settlement on Korriban that attracted archaeologists and any number of Sith wannabes hoping to augment their severely limited Force potential. In Dreshdae, Guun Han and the Jedi had to inflitrate the underbelly of the galaxy and immerse themselves among the galaxy's less reputable characters as they chased down leads on the terentateks.

Korriban was a dark world however. Perhaps it was the Dark Side, perhaps not. But Guun Han, Shaela, and Duron fought amongst themselves. Guun Han was concerned that Duron and Shaela's growing interest in each other prevented them from staying focused on the mission. Shaela took offense to Guun Han's judgmental attitude as well as his arrogance. Guun Han felt that he could not trust Shaela and Duron to control their passion enough so that it would not jeopardize the mission. During his time on Korriban, Guun Han had learned of a possible terentatek that remained on Kashyyyk, the Wookie homeworld. Leaving Duron and Shaela behind to deal with Korriban, Guun Han set out on his own.

Deep within the Kashyyyk Shadowlands, Guun Han laid a trap for the terentatek. It was rumored that this particular beast had killed many Jedi. With the trap sprung, Guun Han attacked. But his focus was shaken. During the fight with the beast, his thoughts turned to Duron and Shaela, how he wished he could have helped them. During the fight, Guun Han buried his blade deep within the hide of the terentatek who subsequently snapped it in two. Had his mind been clear, perhaps Guun Han could have defeated his prey. Fate however would determine that Kashyyyk would be the last place Guun Han would visit. Deep within the great forests, Guun Han became one with the Force. His fate would remain forever unknown to the rest of the Jedi.

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