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Jedi Master Hortath served the Jedi Order some 4000 years before the revenge of the Sith and the rise of the Empire. Before the time of the Sith Wars, Hortath had reached the twilight years of his life, and with his age came a decent case of near-sightedness. Unfortunately, Hortath was a deeply proud Jedi and instead of choosing to accept his fate and submit to treatment, the Jedi Master chose to ignore his problem. Because of this, Hortath was prone to walking into walls, knocking over tables, and mistaking Padawans for fierce beasts.

Many encouraged him to use the Force to see for him; use the Froce to act as his eyes. However, Hortath refused to admit he had a problem and simply squinted more and more as the years went on. Eventually many accepted this as a quirk from a kind, old Jedi.

After Hortath's time, the Jedi liked to tell a tale regarding Master Hortath, his condition, and the dangers of pride. The tale starts with a young Padawan coming to Master Hortath for directions to the Council at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Sure of himself, Hortath gave the young Padawan directions that led him not to the Council, but away from the Enclave. When the Padawan expressed his concerns over the correctness of the directions, Hortath felt insulted, and instructed the Padawan to follow his directions and take no other course. Naturally, the course the Padawan took led him away from the Enclave and eventually away from the Jedi Order forever. Whether or not Hortath's story was true, it taught young Jedi apprentices an important lesson on the subject of pride and the refusal to accept reality.