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An explosion at the beginning of the battle allowed Ventress and Durge a quick escape. If it were not for the life-giving efforts of Master Ven'nari to contain the blast, the entire team would have died. The blast not only claimed the life of the Bothan Jedi Master, but compromised the structural integrity of the complex, causing it to sink into the lava. With the complex sinking and the Separatist pair getting away with the antidote samples, Jon, Nico, Fay, and Obi-Wan chased them down on the catwalks above the rising lava.

There Antilles engaged Durge as Obi-Wan and Fay ran after Ventress. Even a man of Jedi Master Antilles legendary status was not enough to make him a match for the massive bounty hunter. But it was enough to slow him down enough to give Obi-Wan and Fay a chance. Jumping on Durge's back, Jon soon found himself flipped over, flying through the air, and headed for the lava. Struggling to the last, even as the molten rock incinerated his body. But Antilles' sacrifice was not in vain. His efforts to constrain Durge gave the other Jedi Masters just the chance they needed to stop Ventress and obtain the antidote. While Antilles may have lived his life as a lone Jedi, he became one with the Force alongside Masters Fay, Ven'nari, and Diath.

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