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Jorus C'baoth

Jorus C'boath was a legendary Jedi Master with an impressive past just as the Old Republic was coming to an end and the Jedi Knights' fire was dimming from the galaxy. C'boath was born on the planet of Bortras in the Retihcas Sector. At a young age, seventeen, Jorus attended Mirnic University, and after his graduation, C'Boath's innate Force sensitivity led him to the Jedi Training Center on Kamparas where he studied for two years. At the end of those two years, C'Boath was apprenticed to a Jedi Master. Two years following that C'boath attained the rank of Jedi Knight, and it only took a following twelve years for C'boath to earn the title of Jedi Master.

As a Jedi Knight, C'Boath had a long and successful career. He was a member of the Senate Interspecies Advisory Committee. He was part of the group that attended Ando on behalf of the Old Republic for a demilitarization observation. C;boath was even an advisor to Senator Palpatine in the Galactic Senate. Among other things, C'boath assisted Jedi Master Tra's M'ins as a mediator in the Duinuogwuin-Gotal conflict, and was named ambassador to the Xappyh Sector. When Alderaan's ruling council could not decide which family was next in line for the planet's Viceroy title, the asked the Jedi for help, who sent Jorus to help mediate. C'boath determined in a surprisingly short time that the Organa family held the claim to the title.

However, C'boath's accomplishments to the Jedi Order were not all diplomatic. When a Dark Jedi insurrection began terrorizing Bpfassh system, Jorus was at the center of it. Jorus helped hunt down and defeat the Dark Jedi wreaking havoc in that sector. C'boath's final mission, the one that claimed his life, was the Outbound Flight Project. This project was an attempt by the Old Republic to search for life outside of the known galaxy.

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