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Jorus C'baoth - Page 2

Launching from the planet of Yaga Minor, Jorus joined six other Jedi Masters in the search. Unfortunately, the Outbound Flight Project gained the attention of some very evil people. Palpatine who at that point was bent on becoming Emperor of the galaxy, gave a young general he found in the Unknown Regions the task of destroying the ship. That General was the Chiss commander Thrawn. Thrawn followed orders destroying the ship killing all the Jedi Masters aboard, including Jorus.

However, Palpatine had plans for C'boath even after his death. Among Palpatine's many secrets was his ability to clone humans. Palpatine created a clone of C'Boath, Joruus C'Boath, whom he kept hidden away in Mount Tantis on the remote planet of Wayland. Joruus' imprisonment there, as well as the complications with clones, made the cloned Jedi grow mad with power. After the defeat of the Emperor, Thrawn used this Joruus C'Boath as his enforcer in his goal of defeating the newly formed Republic. However, the cloned Jedi's abilities were nowhere near the original. The original and true C'boath died decades before, in service to the Jedi Knights.

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