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Juhani was a Cathar Jedi Knight during the time Darth Malak waged war against the Jedi and the Republic 40 years after the Sith War. Juhani trained under Jedi Master Quatra at the Jedi enclave on Dantooine. The life of a Jedi was a tough one for Juhani, and her personal relationship with the Force may have been tougher than most. As a Cathar, a predatory, feline species from a planet of the same name, Juhani was in constant struggle with her natural instincts and the Jedi way. The Cathar were natural fighters, loyal, and passionate with quick tempers. But Juhani was a devoted student and did her best to overcome her natural ferociousness.

Unfortunately, Juhani's best was not quite good enough. During a training exercise, Juhani lashed out at Master Quatra, accidentially killing her. Devastated by what she had done, Juhani exiled herself to seclusion among the plains of Dantooine. There, she lived out her life where her despair tainted the surrounding area. When Revan returned to Dantooine with his companions on their quest for the Star Forge, the group passed by Juhani's secret grove. There, Revan and the group encourage Juhani to return to the Jedi and make an attempt at redemption. Unfortunately, Juhani's pain cut too deep and she was just not ready to return.