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Kant Aryon

Kant Aryon was a dark-skinned, Force-sensitive Human from the planet of Bethars. As a child, Kant grew up around luxury as he was the son of a wealthy baron and baroness. In his youth, Kant discovered he had a talent for schemes and cons which he honed in order to acquire a great deal of wealth. As an adult, Kant used these skills to serve as an agent to the gangster underworld.

It was not until Kant met his wife Tour that he found something he loved more than cons and money. A highly-decorated Imperial, Tour was eventually named Imperial Governor of Tatooine where the pair moved to live. Realizing his swindling lifestyle would jeopardize Tour's office of governor, he chose to give it up. However, deceit and deception was a big part of Kant's life, and without it Kant turned into a recluse on Tatooine becoming a jumpy and nervous fellow.