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Keval Raffaan

Keval Raffaan grew up on Chandrila about a millenium after the fall of the Sith Empire and spent much time studying, reading great literature, and studying politics. When he graduated from school, he hoped to attend the Diplomatic Institute on Coruscant to further his studies so he one day might serve the Republic as a negotiater. However, the Force sometimes works in mysterious ways, and took Keval's destiny on a slightly different path. Discovering his ability in the Force, Keval set himself to train as a Jedi Knight. He was apprenticed to Jedi Master Ma'tien.

Since Keval was already interested in serving as a negotiator, he found learning ways to use the Force to achieve peaceful ends without conflict easy, but found some aspects of training such as lightsaber techniques difficult. However, Master Ma'tien saw potential in Keval as a diplomat promising, for he had many of the necessary skills already, he just needed to hone his skills as a Jedi. As Keval's training progressed so did his skills as a Jedi, and eventually attained the rank of Jedi Knight and serving them as a Jedi Peacemaker.

Newly assigned Jedi Knight, Keval Raffaan's master, Master Ma'tien, wanted to give Keval his first real test as a Jedi Knight. Keval's first assignment was to neogtiate between the indigenous, nomadic tribes of the planet Muzara and the settlers from the Brentaal League who wish to farm sections of Muzara's plains. With a final word of advice from Master Ma'tien, Keval sped off for Muzara, spending the time traveling studying information about the people's of Muzara, and going over his techniques as a negotiator.

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