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Kith Kark

Kith Kark was a Gotal who grew up a few years before the Sith War with sort of an allergic reaction to technology; the electromagnetic emissions interferred with his sense cones causing him much discomfort. Because of this, he and his family were forced to move to the remote wilderness of Antar 4. There, Kith learned to ride a half-dozen wild beasts which he used for transportation. On trips where space travel was required, Kith used an antiquated starship in which he was required to calculate all the jumps by hand. On one such trip, Kith went sightseeing in the Truuine system. During this trip Kith was overcome by this feeling that he had no purpose in life; his entire life so far had been caring for the animals his family bred. Kith felt he had no identity.

On a small planet in system, Kith encountered a group of Jedi apprentices who said they had come to train with Jedi Master Mroon Jassa, who had maintianed a training compound on the planet for several decades. Sensing the Jedi's anticipation and their bond between themselves and the universe, Kith realized that the Jedi would give him an answer about his destiny. Kith followed the Jedi to Master Jassa's compound to meet with Mroon Jassa. However, when he arrived, Kith received no greeting from Master Jassa, even when Kith announced to him that he wanted to become a Jedi.

Again, Kith declared his intention to become a Jedi, and again Mroon Jassa ignored him. Finally, demanding Master Jassa's attention, Kith stated that he wanted to be trained as a Jedi. At this demand, Mroon Jassa turned to Kith and told him that by his own actions, he was not ready to become a Jedi. He told Kith to leave and return when he was more prepared to make a committment. Upset, Kith left to Antar 4, set in his mind to become a Jedi.

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