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Klis Joo

Klis Joo was a female Duros Jedi during the time of the Old Republic and focused her training on becoming a Jedi Consular. Born on one of the orbiting cities of Duro, Klis displayed at an early age not only a talent with the Force, but also with technology. As a young Duros, a visiting Jedi noticed her aptitude in the Force and brought her to Coruscant to train as a Jedi. Although she did not excel as fast as some of the other students in her studies, Klis displayed enough persistence for three Duroses and finally became a Jedi Knight.

Klis felt that she would like to return to her home planet to help her people there. However, on Duro and its orbiting cities, Klis was treated as royalty rather than a fellow Duros. Klis felt that this kind of treatment was not what she was looking for and left her home to extend her duties as a Jedi elsewhere. It was at this time that Jedi Master Nerra Ziveri noticed the Duros and invited her to come to Almas to teach at the Jedi Academy there and pass on what she had learned. Klis agreed and made the journey to Almas to raise a new generation of Jedi Knights to adulthood.

However, as a teacher at the Academy, Klis got the same feeling that she got at Duro, that this was not her place. Leaving the Academy, Klis soon found her place among the citizens of the town of Forard on Almas. When the former governor of the town passed away, Klis stepped up and assumed the role. As governor, Klis made many improvements in the town. One of those improvements included the upgrading of the landing field, which was accomplished when Klis brought in an experienced starship mechanic.

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