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Knol Ven'nari

Knol Ven'nari was a Bothan Jedi Master of the Old Republic. Renowned far and wide among her people for having once saved all of Bothan space from a band of Wookie outlaws, Master Ven'nari acquired legendary status among the Jedi as well. With a talent for being able to absorb ambient energy, Knol honed this skill into the ability to contain fires and explosions. This talent led her to acquire the nickname the ‘Fire Eater'. Not afraid to speak her mind, some Jedi found her demeanor hostile and intimidating. Nonetheless, Knol Ven'nari was an extremely able Jedi and often called upon for particularly dangerous or difficult missions.

One of those times occurred shortly after the outbreak of the Clone Wars. The Confederacy had secretly developed a chemical weapon of mass destruction, intended to wipe out Republic clone soldiers. It's effectiveness had already been proven on the Gungan colony moon of Ohma-D'un. A Jedi investigation revealed the chemical was manufactured on the backwater planet of Queyta, a volatile planet covered in rock and lava. Knol Ven'nari was assigned to the team of Jedi sent to Queyta to obtain an antidote in hopes of neutralizing the threat.

On Queyta, Knol joined a team of legendary status. The Bothan Jedi had the honor of serving alongside such great Knights as Nico Diath, Jon Antilles, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Fay. As the team gathered among the bluffs of Queyta, Knol Ven'nari called Master Antilles out on trying to assume command over Master Diath. Antilles did not respond to Ven'nari's hosility however, and led the team into the facility anyway. Finding the facility nearly deserted, the Jedi were unlucky enough to find that Separatist commanders Asajj Ventress and the indomitable bounty hunter Durge.

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