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Koffi Arana

Koffi Arana was a dark-skinned Jedi Knight who served the Jedi during the Clone Wars. Preferring action over dialogue Koffi Arana charged into battle with great zeal. Near the end of the war, the Jedi tracked one of Count Dooku's most dangerous minions, Asajj Ventress, to the planet of Boz Pity. Once a squad of Jedi Masters led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu drove Count Dooku and the leader of the Separatist army, General Girevous, from the planet Republic forces were deployed to mop up any left over Confederacy presence on the planet. Koffi Arana was dispatched with six other Jedi Knights to assist Jedi General Quinlan Vos in the operation.

Boz Pity's location deep within the Outer Rim was probably a factor in Koffi's survival of Order 66. Of his team, Koffi was the only one to survive the clonetrooper's surprise attack. Betrayed and alone, Koffi went into hiding. As he watched Emperor Palpatine rise to power and the destruction of the Jedi Order, Koffi realized that being a Jedi meant being an enemy of the Emperor's New Order. Eschewing his Jedi robes, Koffi resolved to hide his Jedi heritage only as long as was required for him to exact his vengeance.

Alone and lost in the galaxy, Koffi was unsure as to where he could turn. He made a risky return to Coruscant in order to find any other Jedi who had also survived Order 66. Unfortunately, as he returned to the Jedi Temple, Koffi witnessed just how strong the Empire's might had become. At the steps of the Jedi Temple, Koffi melted into the crowd gathering to witness the demolition of the Jedi Temple. Troopers guarded the entrance and a fire raged behind them engulfing the ancient structure. In the crowd were Jedi Knights who shared the same idea as Koffi, among them Shadday Potkin, Dass Jennir, and Kai Hudorra.

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