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Kol Skywalker - Page 2

During the fight with Darth Nhil, the Sith lord cut off Master Sazen's arm and stabbed him through the torso almost killing him. After Wolf fell, Kol was left to stop the Sith attack alone. However, Cade witnessed the fall of his master and would not let his father succumb to the same fate. Joining his father in battle, Kol harshly admonished him for abandoning his mission of saving the other Jedi. He reminded Cade that his duty was to the Jedi and the mission and ordered him to help Master Sazen to the ship and evacuate. Reluctantly Cade proceeded to listen to his father.

On top of a growing mound of Sith and stormtrooper bodies, Kol Skywalker made an impressive last stand, but in the end the Sith were too strong. With a blast of Force-lightning, Darth Nhil sent Kol Skywalker to become one with the Force, his death felt by Cade as the Jedi escaped.

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