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Ky Narec

Ky Narec was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Unfortunately, Ky became stranded on the forsaken world of Rattatak, beyond the borders of the Republic and cut off from the Jedi Council. Without being able to send word to the Jedi Order of his whereabouts, Ky was forced to make the barbaric world his home. On Rattatak, Ky encountered a young humanoid girl named Asajj Ventress. In Asajj, Ky felt a strong potential in the Force... along with an instinctual fury Asajj developed for her survival.

Ky Narec trained Asajj in the ways of the Jedi but became one with the Force before her training could be completed. This rudimentary training combined with her innate fury created in Asajj a servant of the Dark Side. She blamed the Jedi and the Republic for abandoning her master as well as for ignoring countless atrocities conducted on Rattatak. Because of this, she developed a hatred for both, a hatred that would eventually come back to haunt the Jedi. While his intentions were no doubt good, it is unfortunate that Ky Narec's legacy must be tainted by the dark deeds of Asajj Ventress.