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Lirondo was a Jedi Knight during the devastating Sith War during which Dark Lord Kaan amassed an army of Sith warriors and followers. Of the same species as the legendary Valenthyne Farfalla, Lirondo accompanied Farfalla to the planet of Ruusan, where the final battle between the Jedi and the Sith would take place. Helping to gather an army of soldiers, three hundred deep, Jedi and the like, Lirondo and Farfalla faced trouble even before they could reach Ruusan. Lord Lahzar betrayed Farfalla and his soldiers, but the Jedi fought through his treachery to reach Ruusan.

Storming the Sith blockade in orbit around Ruusan, Lirondo fought alongside Farfalla to reach the planetary surface. Although Farfalla arrived with an impressive amount of soldiers, Lord Hoth, who was leading the Jedi Knights, was bitter about Farfalla's timing, having just come under a Sith attack. This bitterness led Hoth to rebuke Farfalla's arrival, who subsequently left to the opposite side of the planet to fight the Sith on his own front. However it wasn't long before an agent in Farfalla's contingent organized a reconciliation between Hoth and Farfalla. Ready to fight as one, Farfalla took his company to join Hoth's forces in the last battle on the plains of Ruusan. Lirondo fought alongside his fellow Knights against Dark Lords of Kaan's army.

However it was during this battle that Farfalla learned of Kaan's plan. Kaan had prepared a Sith weapon known as a thought bomb, with the power to wipe out the Jedi forces, but at the price of the Sith forces as well. However Kaan was prepared to use this if it meant defeat for the Jedi. While Lirondo remained behind to finish the battle, Farfalla left to warn Lord Hoth, who planned to confront Kaan face to face. However, Kaan had gone mad with the power of the Dark Side, unleashed his thought bomb, allowing its destructive power to sweep across Ruusan, annihilating the Jedi and Sith forces. No one was spared in its unmerciful wake, and Lirondo, Jedi Knight, became one with the Force.