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Londrah was a Force-sensitive Defel in service to the Empire in the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. As a Defel, Londrah possessed a natural ability to blend into the shadows and remain hidden from view. This talent coupled with Londrah's sensitivity to the Force made him a perfect candidate to become an assassin.

In his service to the Empire, Londrah was given the task of assassinating Mon Mothma. Tracking the Alliance leader to a Rebel safeworld, Londrah managed to infiltrate the base all the way to the operations room before he was discovered and stopped. However, despite being revealed, Londrah managed to elude capture. It was this incident that brought Londrah's existence to light and was included on General Airen Cracken's list of most wanted criminals.

After the fall of the Empire, Londrah continued his career as an assassin and was believed to be responsible for the assassination of New Republic ambassador Yarr Hinter. Following the attempt on Mon Mothma's life, New Republic Intelligence agents kept a close eye on Londrah and waited for an opportune time to finally take him down.