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Ludwin Katarkus

Ludwin Katarkus was a Jedi Master during the fading days of the Old Republic, where peace was becoming more and more rare, and a new Separatist movement was gaining momentum. Katarkus was the teacher of Jedi Knight Danyawara, and with her apprentice, as well as Jedi Master Everen Ettene and subsequent student, Halagad Ventor, left on a diplomatic mission to help end the Virgillian Civil War.

The war had been raging for two years between the Virgillian Free Alignment and the planet's Aristocracy. However, before negotiations could take place, the Jedi's ship was attacked and destroyed, killing Master Ludwin in the process. Also, Ludwin's apprentice Danyawarra perished in the attack, as well as Master Everen. Master Everen's student, Halagad, was the only one to survive the attack, and journeyed back to Coruscant to attend the ceremony to honor Ludwin and the other fallen Knights.