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Meloria was a Human Jedi of the Old Republic. She had brown hair, often kept pulled back in a ponytail, tan skin, toned muscles, and often wore a black jumpsuit. Born on Corellia, Meloria was identified as being Force-sensitive and was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training as a Jedi Knight. Meloria always had torn feelings about having a predestined fate and thus focused her training less on the mental aspects of the Jedi way and more on the physical aspects. She studied a number of martial disciplines and developed excellent combat skills and fast reflexes that impressed her Masters.

During her career as a Jedi Knight however, her reflexes got the better of her and she killed an innocent bystander in pursuit of a bounty hunter. She was devastated by her mistake and was from then on wary of ever using her Force powers. So distraught was she, that she exiled herself to a small island on the planet of Drall in the Boiling Sea. There she lived a meek life, farming just enough food to sustain her, never forgiving herself for her mistake. Eventually, she spent the last of her savings on a cryogenic unit and preserved herself inside. Falling out of memory and into obscurity, Meloria decided that she would let the Force decide when it would call on her again.