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However, the fanciness of the dishes appearance said nothing about how they would taste, and as Corpo sampled each dish, he was disgusted by some of the 'extra' ingredients added by Plo Koon. Although Micah presented nothing more than squirmer stew, it was still very tasty, tasty enough to beat out Moreemohtwo's dishes and cause Micah to be declared the winner. Micah, Plo, and Slabba left Ord Mantell with more proof that the Jedi could solve problems without confrontation and violence.

The preference that conflicts be solved without violence was later challenged during the time of the Yinchorri threat. The Yinchorri were recent additions to the Republic, and that addition allowed them to acquire weapons and starships. With these at their disposal, the Yinchorri began launching raids and attacks on systems in the Outer Rim, pillaging from whomever they felt were inferior to them. When the Jedi were asked to intervene in the Yinchorri threat, Senior Jedi Council Member Mace Windu sent a delegation of two Jedi to investigate the attacks. When the mission proved fatal for the two Jedi, it was clear a larger delegation was needed. Micah was chosen to be part of the task force sent to the Yinchorri system to deal with the threat.

With the force split up into three teams, Micah was assigned to the team that would travel to Yibikkoror in the Yinchorri system, along with Plo Koon, Lilit Twoseas, and her Padawan K'Kruhk. Just before the task force was to leave, Micah worked with K'Kruhk and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to teach them the dangers of following their expectations and assumptions using a simple cup and ball game, popular among gamblers in Outer Rim colonies. With the Jedi task force ready and their destinations in hand, they departed in three Republic cruisers. Always one to seize the moment, Micah took the time they spent in hyperspace to give the other Jedi a demonstration on the effects of cortosis ore, and its ability to short out a lightsaber.

When the Jedi exited hyperspace, they came under immediate attack by a small Yinchorri fleet, and in Republic cruisers, had little at their disposal for defense. Weapons were not the only factor the Jedi had to rely on however. Remembering the lesson he learned right before he left, Jedi Knight K'Kruhk came up with the idea to escape the attackers through the use of misdirection. Jettisoning all the escape pods, the Yinchorri turned to attacking those, believing the Jedi had jumped ship. This allowed Micah and his team to continue on to Yibikkoror. Micah and the Jedi's luck had gone from bad to worse as they crash landed on one of the planet's great floating cities and into an army of Yinchorri soldiers. Micah and the Jedi only had to bide enough time until they could be rescued by Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her team, who had sent word they found no evidence of the Yinchorri base on Yitheeth and would soon be joining them on Yibikkoror.

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