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Michael Tandre

Michael Tandre was a Jedi geologist during the time of the Old Republic. On a geological mission, Tandre was forced to land his malfunctioning starship, the Alpha Kentrum, on the remote planet of Orellon II. There, Michael encountered a race of sentient beings whom eventually identified themselves as the Kentra, a race of beings covered in fur with bat-like wings. The Kentra saw Michael as some sort of spiritual leader, and seeking his wisdom, Michael took up the role as leader of the Kentra.

Tandre taught them a belief structure, which he called the principles of the Sword, Plow, and Spirit. The Kentra took to these teachings with zealousness, as it improved their way of life exponentially. Honoring Tandre, they viewed him as their savior, and although Michael had to answer the call to pass into the Force at some point, he created many computer programs while on Orellon II to carry on his teachings, of which the Kentra held in the highest reverence. In fact, everything involving Tandre, the Kentra people held in reverence in some way. The formed the Holy Order of Je'ualajists to practice and carry on his teachings.

They built the Temple of the Je'ualajists out of Tandre's crashed starship. After his lightsaber's power source died, the Kentra held it in reverence as the Sword of Honor. And finally, of the holograms Tandre left behind for the Kentra, they referred to as the Spirit of Tandre. The Jedi Knights, guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy, dedicated their lives to the improvement and preservation of life among the galaxy's citizens. While some Jedi chose to be diplomats, some chose to be guardsman, and even others chose to be Jedi geologists, as Michael Tandre did.

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