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Mintinee was one of the infamous witches of Dathomir during the Old Republic. During her lifetime, Mintinee served as clan mother to both the Great Canyon Clan and the Misty Falls Clan, the latter in her senior years. The Great Canyon Clan, so named for the geological formation they lived next to, claimed the southern end of the canyon's crescent as their territory. The Great Canyon Clan's camp was bordered from the rear by the cliff of the canyon and surrounded their camp with a spiked stone wall. Mintinee's residence was surrounded by concentric rings of shelters and workshops.

Strong in the Force, Mintinee favored talismans as a way to harness Force energy. As clan mother of the Great Canyon Clan, Mintinee commissioned the construction of tall, stone structures to house magic artifacts. At some point in her life, Mintinee left the Great Canyon Clan and became clan mother of the Misty Falls Clan. At ninety-nine years old, Mintinee was one of the most respected clan mothers among all Dathomir witches. However, while age brought reverence, it also brought senility. In her old age, Mintinee became increasingly paranoid that her male slaves were plotting against her. Wary of rebels and spies, Mintinee vowed to execute anyone participating in any seditious activities.