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Naeshahn was a Jedi Knight during the height of the Jedi Order in the Old Republic. Taking as her Padawan, Naeshahn chose the Jedi Knight Ebor Taulk. Taking up many missions together, Naeshahn and Ebor traveled together on their final mission. At some point during the latter stages of the reign of the Old Republic, the Yinchorri had petitioned the Republic for representation in the Senate and to basically join them in the galactic community. This also allowed for open trade between the Yinchorri and the Republic, and it was then that the Yinchorri finally gained access to starships and artillery.

This access to such goods only bolstered the Yinchorri's aggressive tendencies, and they subsequently launched attacks on many Outer-Rim worlds, taking things from beings they believed inferior to them. When such an attack was launched at the mining planet of Mayvitch 7, Chancellor Valorum asked senior Jedi Council member, Mace Windu, for the Jedi's help in dealing with the Yinchorri aggression. Mace believed that Naeshahn and Ebor could handle the Yinchorri efficiently and subsequently dispatched them.

However, Mace did not consult with the rest of the Council before doing so, and Naeshahn and Ebor left without obtaining critical knowledge about the Yinchorri, knowledge that could have been gained if Mace had met with the rest of the Council. One such item of importance that would have been useful to Naeshahn and Ebor was the fact that the Yinchorri were equipped with shields made of cortosis ore, capable of shorting out a lightsaber; also, Naeshahn and Ebor left to confront the Yinchorri without knowing that they for the most part, the Yinchorri were immune to the effects of Jedi mind tricks. It is unknown what exactly took place when Naeshahn and Ebor confronted them, however the conclusion was clear. A few days after they were dispatched, Naeshahn and Ebor's mutilated bodies were delivered directly to Chancellor Valorum, himself. Naeshahn and Ebor had become one with the Force.