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Once inside, Badra went to work on the droid and what he discovered did not make Nason feel any more at ease. Badra discovered that the droid carried Drethi venom, a beast bred specifically to culture venom used to kill Jedi. Additionally, Lowghen knew that the only known antidote to Drethi venom was itself in its expired state, which broke down in the presence of light. Fearing that the Dolandu of Skalokor might need the antidote or that a live Drethi was roaming the system, the two made their way back to the cloudjumper for the trip back to Skalokor. However, the two were attacked in the streets by a group of Rodians, firing at them with blaster rifles. Choosing to hold off the attackers, Badra sent Nason to rush to the ship while he provided cover fire.

Making his way to the bay, Nason was confronted in the darkened area by the girl who was watching him when he arrived. Wary of the figure, Nason made his way to his ship, wishing to hurry on with his mission. However, the girl had other plans for Nason and greeted him with a crimson lightsaber blade and begun her attack. Revealing that she and the Rodians were sent by unnamed masters, the Dark Jedi provided little challenge for Nason. His training was thorough and Master Niquon's training was excellent. With little trouble Nason felled the Dark Jedi, gathered her lightsaber and greeted Logwhen as he made his way in from the firefight.

Approaching the moon, Nason picked up on Niquon's homing signal near the trading settlement of Stomorr. As they approached, they found the city deserted and littered with debris. Following the signal the two found Master Niquon wounded, and in battle with what Logwhen had feared, a Drethi. Rushing into battle, Nason pulled Master Niquon's lightsaber and jumped in for an attack. Finding the beast more dangerous than he expected, Nason appreciated the blast fire Logwhen provided as he recovered from a number of blows. The battle ended when a wounded Niquon used the last of his strength to hurl a pike into the Drethi, delivering the deathblow. Unfortunately, before Nason arrived, the Drethi poisoned Niquon in an attack, and the pair arrived to late to help him. With a last gasp, Nason Laric's master became one with the Force.

However, Nason and Logwhen did arrive in time to administer the antidote to the poisoned Dolandu leaders. The Dolandu's cries of sorrow over their fallen protector were countered by the news that their leaders would be safe, as well as with cries of happiness that the Dolandu had a new protector in the form of Jedi Knight Nason Laric.

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