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Nichos Marr

Nichos Marr was Jedi who grew up in the midst of galactic turmoil. As a child, Nichos grew up on the planet of Belsavis, home to the legendary Plett's Well, where Jedi Master Plett hid many Force-sensitive children from Emperor Palpatine and his minions. But growing up to Plett's Well was not the only connection Nichos had to the Jedi Knights. Later on in his life, while attending the Magrody Institute of Programmable Intelligence, Nichos met another Force-sensitive, a woman named Cray Mingla. The two fell quickly in love and were eventually married. When the Jedi Academy was established by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Nichos and Cray traveled to Yavin IV to learn from Master Skywalker and become Jedi Knights.

However, a while after arriving at the Academy, Nichos developed Quannot's Disease, a fatal affliction that attacked the nervous system and caused deterioration of the body. Nichos soon began to feel the effects of the disease as he slowly wasted away. Cray, not willing to give up her love so easily, threw all her efforts into finding a way to overcome the disease. Eventually coming up with a plan of attack that included using her knowledge from the Magrody Institute, she eventually created an android body with which she hoped to transfer his essence into. However, it was that last step that offered the most trouble to Nichos and Cray.

Gathering all the information she could on the subject, some of which included the Ssi-Ruuk technology of entechment, which proved to be the most hopeful, Cray initiated her plan. However, the complexities of the Ssi-Ruuk entechment technique inhibited her from fully transferring Nichos' essence into the android. Leaving his physical body behind, Nichos was then forced to live out his life in the cold body of an android. Not long after being transferred into his new form, not only Cray and Luke could tell it wasn't the same, but Nichos could as well. While much of Nichos' memories and knowledge was transferred into the new body, it seemed as if his humanity was left behind.

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