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However, the adjustment to his new form had to be put on pause for a while as a new threat to the Jedi Knights resurfaced in the galaxy. One of the Emperor's superweapons, the Eye of Palpatine, programmed to scourge the galaxy in search of Jedi Knights and potential Force-sensitives that might be a threat to him, came back online and continued its search through the galaxy on its original programmed course. With Nichos' connection to Plett's Well, Luke Skywalker decided it was the best place to start looking for the Emperor's weapon. When Luke Skywalker probed Nichos' mind for information on the Well, what he found confirmed their worries about his humanity: all that remained was words to describe the memories, no images, and no emotions. Nonetheless, Luke managed to extract coordinates leading them to the Moonflower Nebula.

However, when they arrived they not only found the ship, but they found themselves captured by the ship and held hostage by a number of creatures which had been picked up by the ship's directives. Once on board, the trio learned that the ship had been originally disabled by a pair of Jedi Knights, Callista Ming and her lover Geith, decades before. However, Gieth had been killed in the attempt and in order to fully disable the ship, Callista was forced to sacrifice her body and live as a disembodied spirit in the ship for the decades leading up to Nichos, Cray, and Luke's arrival.

During their time on the ship and their attempt to destroy it once and for all, Nichos began realizing that he would never be able to regain his humanity and that it had died with his physical form. Understanding and accepting this, Nichos offered to stay behind with the ship and Callista to ensure the ship was destroyed. The group agreed to this, but Cray offered one tiny change. Willing to sacrifice herself along with Nichos, Cray offered her body to Callista, so that she might have a physical form once more. With Callista taking Cray's body, Cray remained behind on the ship with Nichos and together the two Jedi Knights finished the job that Callista began so many years before. The love between Nichos and Cray proved to be stronger than the Emperor's hatred, and in the end, the two truly became one with the Force…together.

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