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Noab Hulis

Noab Hulis was a Miralukan Jedi in service some time before the Sith War. One task Noab accomplished was to bring Jedi Knight Chamma out of hiding. Noab Hulis traveled to H'ratth to meet with Chamma, who, for 100 years, had isolated himself on the planet. At first, Chamma did not wish to speak with Noab.

However, Hulis was persistant and returned everyday until Chamma gave in and allowed him to speak. Noab began with a tale of a group of three Jedi, lured to a remote planet by agents of the Dark Side. On the planet, Noab told, the Dark Siders separated and attacked the Jedi trio after disconnecting them from the Force. Two of the Jedi were killed, but one of the Jedi defeated one of the Dark Siders, and the others fled, fearing they had underestimated the Jedi's power.

However, Noab told Chamma that this young Jedi felt the Force had abandoned him, and as a result, turned his back on his training. As Noab continued his tale, it helped Chamma to realize that the tale was of him, and his encounter so long ago. Noab helped Chamma to understand that the Force had not left him, and it still wished his service to defend peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Noab Hulis accomplished an extremly important task in his service through helping another realize his place in the Force.