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Nomi did as Andur said and fended off the attackers with Andur's spirit guiding her to use the Force. Once the attackers fled, Andur told Nomi for her to continue to Ambria, to meet with Jedi Master Thon, and he would tell her in what direction her life would take. Upon arriving on Ambria, Nomi noted what a bleak and desolate world it was. She passed Lake Natth from which she heard voices beckoning her to turn back before it was too late. But Nomi heard another voice as well, a comforting voice telling her to push on, and to ignore the power of the Dark Side. Eventually, Nomi came upon a small house, outside of which a man was riding a strange beast, a man Nomi immeadiately recognized as a Jedi.

The man invited Nomi inside to rest and offered her a meal as well. As Nomi ate, she recounted her tale to the Jedi Knight, and as she was finishing, Bogga the Hutt and his henchmen, who had followed Nomi from the hyperspace beacon, approached the compound. As the Jedi Knight moved to defend the compound and its herd, the Hutt's enforcers got the better of the Jedi Knight and surrounded him. All at once, Nomi witnessed the beast the Jedi was riding rush into the fray, and use the Force to scare off the attackers. Afterwards, it was explained that the strange beast is the one and only Jedi Master Thon, and the humanoid was Thon's student, the Vultan Jedi Knight, Oss Wilum.

As the months passed, Thon ignored Nomi, giving her time to grieve the loss of her husband, and allow her to contemplate on her future. As time passed, Vima grew, and as the daughter of two people strong in the Force, was able to use it to defend herself from some of Ambria's smaller predators. One day, Vima ran off to Lake Natth, where Dark Side energies were contained. Emerging from Lake Natth, two dangerous lizards moved in to intercept her, but Nomi instinctively called on the Force, and used what is called Jedi Battle Meditation to turn the lizards on themselves. In meditation, Master Thon had a vision: Nomi Sunrider would become a great Jedi, and was needed to battle against the evil that was growing in the galaxy.

Thon decided that her training must begin. At the instantiation of her training, Nomi said she would train as a Jedi, but vowed never to touch a lightsaber again, as it only reminded her of her husband's death. In her training, Nomi learned from the holocron of Ood Bnar the history of the Jedi, but was steadfast in her wish to not pick up a lightsaber, an issue she debated with Thon many times. One day however, Bogga the Hutt returned to Ambria, this time with larger forces. Fearing for her child's safety, Nomi wished to run and hide to protect Vima.

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