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Numa Rar

Numa Rar was a Twi'lek Jedi Knight of Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Order, as well as twin sister to Alema Rar, who was also a Jedi Knight. Numa and Alema were distinguished by their blue skin, and studied often under the renowned Twi'lek Jedi Knight, Daeshara'cor. When the Yuuzhan Vong entered the galaxy and began their quest for galactic domination, Numa and her sister joined their fellow Jedi Knights and eventually found themselves on New Plympto joining the Vong resistance there.

On New Plympto, the Rar sisters obtained the help of leaders there and promise of funding to help with the rescue of refugees, as well as with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's Great River, a system of safe houses across the galaxy, allowing the Jedi to elude capture from the Yuuzhan Vong. Unfortunately, the Yuuzhan's Vong's intelligence reports came from far and wide, and it was long before the presence of Jedi on New Plympto was made known to them. However, the Jedi became aware of the Vong's newfound information and made plans to escape the system. Disguising themselves as Twi'lek dancing girls, Numa and Alema attempted to leave on a frigate, known as the Nebula Chaser.

Unfortunately, the Vong arrived just as the sisters were about to leave. Boarding their ship, the Vong arrived looking for Jedi, but the sisters hoped that with their disguises they would be overlooked. However, the Vong boarded the ship with something the Jedi had never seen before, a creature of their own design, created to be able to sense Jedi through the Force, and equipped with sharp claws, the ability to spit acid and create shockwaves with sound, and countless other natural weaponry. With the voxyn, the Vong were able to locate the two sisters, but as the voxyn could sense them through the Force, the Jedi could sense it as well. Making a valiant effort to escape the beast, the two Twi'lek Jedi raced through the corridors of the ship, making their way to an escape pod, hoping to escape.

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