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The only option being to flee the planet, Ood helped with the evacuation trying to save as much of the Jedi artifacts, texts, and treasures as he could. While in one storehouse, gathering lightsabers and scrolls, Ood was confronted by Exar Kun, leader of the Krath and Dark Lord of the Sith, and his Massassi warriors. Determined to protect the Jedi artifacts from Exar Kun, Ood became locked in a fierce lightsaber battle with Exar Kun and the Massassi enforcers. A Jedi scholar, Ood was not so proficient in combat and Exar Kun and his warriors were able to best him in the fight. Still determined to protect the artifacts from the Dark Lord, Ood attempted one last effort to deter Exar Kun. Drawing on the powers of the Force, Ood rapidly metamorphosized into his species sedentary tree-like form. From this position Ood sent out waves through the Force to knock back Exar Kun and the Massassi.

Deciding the artifacts weren't worth the trouble, Exar Kun left, defeated but alive. However, to defeat Kun, Ood had sealed his own fate, and sacrificed his passage off the planet and away from harm of the coming shockwave. From his metamorphosis, Ood was permanently rooted on Ossus, in the middle of the Great Jedi library… and in the middle of path of the destruction that was to come. The evacuation continued, and soon it came time for the Jedi to leave as well.

But before they left, they bid farewell to Ood expressing their grief over the impending loss of their very dear friend. Jedi Master Thon was the last to say goodbye, but Ood told him not to worry, that he was content with the fact he defeated Exar Kun and protected the Jedi artifacts. With one last prayer to the Force, Thon left Ood to the mercy of the planet. The explosion of the suns had finally reached the planet and seared its surface destroying everything in its path, which unfortunately included Jedi Master Ood Bnar.

However, the Force was with Ood that day. The shockwave decimated the planet, and Ood survived, but barely. For four millennia after, Ood remained on Ossus, trying to heal himself. Ood survived through the emergence of the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness, the rise of the Empire and Emperor Palpatine, and the final defeat of Palpatine and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. It wasn't until four thousand years later that Ood revealed himself as a Jedi. The galaxy was once again thrust into conflict, and Luke Skywalker journeyed to Ossus with Kam Solusar, and the two Force-sensitive Ysanna Jem Ysanna and Rayf Ysanna in hopes of discovering information about the Jedi.

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