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Prozzen Fosky

Prozzen 'Mozzy' Fosky was a Force-sensitive Bith musician known throughout the Mid and Outer Rim for mozz box skills. While unknown to most of the galaxy, Prozzen Fosky was extremely appreciated among music connoisseurs. Fosky played venues that ranged from huge halls in front of massive audiences, to private performances for figureheads in business and government, to rundown tapcafs.

Traveling through the Outer Rim, run ins with less reputable types was common. Trying to make a life in the Outer Rim is difficult and Prozzen found himself involved in a hustle or two from time to time. Many have found themselves face down in the gutter, a blaster shot in the back for crossing the wrong person. Over the years, Prozzen Fosky avoided this fate through an unconscious use of the Force that always kept him out of harm's way.