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Later on in his Jedi career, after Qrrl had attained the rank of Jedi Knight, a growing evil on the planet of Onderon required the Jedi's attention. Qrrl was chosen as one of five Jedi to be part of a task force to travel to Onderon to help quell the Freedon Nadd Uprising. Also chosen for the task force were Jedi Knights Shoaneb Culu, Kith Kark, Dace Diath, and Nomi Sunrider. With their orders to assist Jedi Knights Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, Oss Wilum, Tott Doneeta, and Jedi Master Arca Jeth on Onderon to put an end to the planet's Dark Side rule, Qrrl and the Jedi left Ossus. Arriving to Onderon in the middle of a battle between the Jedi already on the planet and the Dark Side Naddist, Qrrl and the task force landed right in the middle of the fray.

In a two front assault, Qrrl and the Jedi met Ulic and his Jedi team in the middle of the battleground, taking out Darksiders along the way. When it was learned that Master Arca had been taken prisoner by the Dark Side ruler King Ommin, Qrrl and the seven other Jedi, for Kith Kark had fallen in battle, set out for the King's citadel on a rescue mission. Breaking into the King's secret chamber, Qrrl and the Jedi were able to defeat him and put an end to his Dark Side rule. With their success, Master Arca was released from his Dark Side prison. With the Dark Side finally defeated, and the new rulers on Onderon crowned, Qrrl and the Jedi finished their duties by entombing Freddon Nadd's remains in an impenetrable structure on the planet's Dxun moon.

With the darkness finally gone from Onderon, Qrrl and the Jedi remained on the planet to help rebuild from the recent battles, as well as to learn to ride the planet's great warbeasts. One day however, Master Arca called a meeting of the Jedi and explained that a political coup had occurred in the Empress Teta System led by a group calling themselves the Krath. Ordinarily, this type of information wouldn't have been as important news to the Jedi; however, this coup seemed somehow related to the recent Freedon Nadd Uprising and had shown evidence of Sith magic. Splitting the Jedi into three different groups, and giving each group a different mission, Master Arca put Qrrl in the group to travel to Ossus and report to them the recent events that occurred on Onderon.

With their missions in hand, Qrrl left for Ossus along with Jedi Knights Dace Diath, Oss Wilum, and Shoaneb Culu. Once Qrrl and the Jedi reached Ossus and reported to the Jedi Masters there, the conflict in the Empress Teta System had grown into full blown war between the Krath and the Jedi. Once having reported the events that occurred on Onderon, Qrrl Toq left with Jedi Knight Dace Diath to join the combined Republic and Jedi peacekeeping fleet sent to protect Koros Major, the last planet of the Empress Teta System to resist the Krath's rule. At the Battle of Koros Major, Qrrl Toq flew along side Dace against Krath fighter ships.

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