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Rii'ke traversed the jungles of Honoghr for 3 days as he trekked towards the crash site. With him, he brought a single clonetrooper to back him up. At the crash site, En learned the Noghri salvagers had obtained the SIP and had taken it to an ancient temple, believed to be Rakata in origin. The ancient temple was neutral grounds for Noghri, and all the clans took part in its protection. The Noghri remembered the Rakata as gods and did not take kindly to invaders of their sacred temples. But Rii'ke En was a Jedi Knight, and his duty was to obtain that SIP by any means necessary.

Infiltrating the temple with his trooper, En managed to follow the Noghri to the location of the SIP. Contacting Republic forces to pass along the information, En was ordered to stay out of sight until backup arrived. Unfortunately, the Noghri had other ideas. Taking out his only backup, En found himself alone against a planet full of ferocious Noghri warriors. Within the halls of that ancient Rakatan temple, Rii'ke En fought until his very last breath. Simply outnumbered and overwhelmed Rii'ke En died and became one with the Force.

But En's death would not be in vain. The information he sent back was used by Jedi Knight Aayla Secura to sneak onto the planet and obtain the SIP herself. Aayla was aided by Jedi Master, and coincidentally her former instructor, Quinlan Vos, who was working undercover for Sith Lord Count Dooku and also tasked with obtaining the package. In the end, the events of Honoghr would leave a scar that would consume the planet and all but destroy Noghri society. The events would leave a legacy that would culminate long past the days of the Empire, and help turn the tide in the New Republic's war with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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