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Ru'up Benpo

Ru'up Benpo was a Force-sensitive Twi'lek from the city of Kala'uun on Ryloth. one of the head members of the Benpo clan, Ru'up was content to maintain a position as second-in-command. Political advancement among the Twi'lek clans was based on assassination and keeping a subordinate position gave him the power of a leader without the fear of attack from underlings looking to rise up in the clan.

This stance has allowed him the knowledge, that no matter how unpopular his opinions and his actions might have been, his clan could not afford to lose him, and thus, not move to eliminate him to advance. This confidence has caused him to be viewed as a goof-off, despite his political shrewdness. Those he kept close included a Wookie bodyguard name Urrooogh and a number of disarming female Twi'leks that served as his agents. With a distaste for Hutts, Ru'up Benpo usually hid his true feelings behind a welcoming facade and had his hands in many schemes, manipulating them from behind the scenes.