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Sar Labooda

Sar Labooda was a female Chalactan Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Sar Labooda was also a relative of Jedi Master and Council member, Depa Billaba. During the Separatist crisis, the Senate proposed to establish a formal Republic military to handle the Separatist crisis. The proposition was known as the Military Creation Act and was extremely politically divisive. For two years the Senate debated on whether or not to vote for the act.

As Chalactans, Sar Labooda and Depa Billaba were acquaintances of Senator Yudrish Sedran of Chalacta. Senator Sedran consulted the Chalactan Temple of Illumination for direction on what stance to take with regards to the Military Creation Act and welcomed Sar Labooda's and Master Billaba's opinions on the matter. Unofficially, Sar Labooda joined Depa in opposition to the ratification of the act. Ultimately, the debate was all for naught as the Senate granted Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers when a Separatist army was discovered on Geonosis. Palpatine used these powers to officially create the Grand Army of the Republic.

However, despite the fact that Palpatine had a million man clone army ready, it would take time for it to mobilize. To deal with the Separatists immediately, the Jedi put together a task force of two hundred Jedi to travel to Geonosis in an attempt to end the war before it started. Sar Labooda joined Jedi Master Mace Windu as he led two hundred Knights and Masters into battle against Count Dooku's army of battle droids. Sadly, Sar Labooda was one of the scores of Jedi who became one with the Force that day on the dry sands of Geonosis.