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Serra Keto

Serra Keto was an attractive, female, Human Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. With dark hair and a smaller stature, Serra Keto was apprentice to the legendary Jedi Master Cin Drallig. As Master Drallig was renowned for his formidable lightsaber skills. As Serra's master, Cin Drallig passed on everything he knew of lightsaber technique to the young girl. In time, as Serra became a Jedi Knight herself, she also became known for her skills with a lightsaber as well.

While Cin Drallig developed his own unique style of lightsaber combat, relying on enhanced speed and unconventional and unpredictable movements, so did Serra Keto develop her own unique style. Serra came to prefer using two green lightsabers. As a Jedi, Serra was not shy about expressing her confidence in her abilities. Some might say that Serra bordered on arrogant. Nonetheless, she was strong in the Force and a strong Jedi.

In the third year of the Clone Wars, Serra Keto found herself on Coruscant and at the Jedi Temple when Darth Vader launched his attack. As Vader made his way deeper and deeper into the Temple slaughtering Jedi along the way, Serra Keto prepared for her final stand against the Sith Lord. Within the chambers of the Temple, Keto fought Vader in a battle to the death. During the fight Serra taunted and provoked Vader hoping that his annoyance might lead to a mistake and give her an advantage. Unfortunately Serra's efforts proved fruitless as Vader backed her into a corner at the ledge of a balcony.

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