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Shadday Potkin

Shadday Potkin was a female Human Jedi Knight that fought in the Clone Wars. With brown hair and brown eyes, Shadday's attractiveness was deceiving as she was a formidable warrior. When the Clone Wars ended with the betrayal of the Jedi, Shadday managed to escape the ambush of Order 66. Going into hiding, Shaddy went from a protector of peace and justice throughout the galaxy to an enemy of the state as the newly declared Emperor Palpatine called for the extermination of the Jedi. Around every corner were Palpatine's agents poised and ready to eliminate those survivors such as Shadday.

In the initial weeks following Order 66, the Jedi found themselves alone in the galaxy, Shadday among them. Lost, the only thing Shadday thought to do was secretly return to Coruscant and try to find others who may have also survived. Unfortunately, what Shadday found when she arrived did not lift her spirits. Any hope that might have resided within her was extinguished when she witnessed the Jedi Temple aflame surround by clonetroopers, the very soldiers they Jedi had commanded only a short time before.

Surreptitiously watching from the crowd, Shadday was not the only Jedi to return seeking help. Also in the crowd stood Jedi such as Koffi Arana, Dass Jennir, Kai Hudorra, and his Padawan Noirah Na. However, the Jedi dared not speak to each other for fear their status as Jedi Knights would be recognized. As Shadday watched the Jedi Temple burn, a young Jedi emerged from the crowd and called his fellow Jedi to action to fight the Emperor and his forces. Unfortunately, Shadday and the other Jedi in the crowd did not share his sentiments and remained hidden as the Jedi charged the clonetroopers and was cut down in a hail of blasterfire. Shadday and her compatriots realized that the time of the Jedi was more or less over and melted from the crowd to go their separate ways.

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