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Shaela Nuur

Shaela Nur was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Beautiful, and with blonde hair, Shaela Nur was trained by one of the most legendary Jedi Masters of the Order, Jedi Master Ood Bnar. As a Padawan, Master Bnar would tell Shaela that she was his most promising student. Through the Force, Ood saw that one day Shaela would accomplish great things. Trained among on the Jedi world of Ossus, on the day Shaela finished constructing her lightsaber, Master Ood presented her with a gift. For her lightsaber, Master Ood presented Shaela with the Solari crystal, one of the oldest crystals of the Jedi Order it had been passed down for generations. When it came into Master Ood's possession, the Neti Jedi Master passed it on to his student.

Years later, after Shaela had become a Jedi Knight, another young Jedi, Exar Kun, attempted to bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order and the rebirth of the Sith empire. With the galaxy thrust into war, Shaela joined the Jedi Knights in meeting the threat head on. While the war would claim not only countless lives, but a number of worlds as well. Shaela was fortunate to have survived the devastation. After the war, Shaela help the Order rebuild from the war's destruction. Spread out across the galaxy, Jedi banded together to heal the wounds of a number of worlds. Soon however, rumors began to spread. Jedi had gone missing, some Jedi were found dead, bodies severely mutilated. Some feared the worst, that the war was not over.

An investigation by the Jedi Council however reveled that the disappearances and deaths came not from the hands of any person, but from a gruesome beast known as a terentatek. Deciding that the terentatek was too fierce to live alongside with in peace, the Jedi Council organized an operation known at The Great Hunt. Teams of Jedi spread out across the galaxy to hunt down and exterminate the great beasts. Shaela Nur was one of the Jedi who participated in the Great Hunt. Fighting alongside Jedi Knights Duron Qel-Droma and Guun Han Saresh, the trio soon found that they shared a special bond making them especially capable of defeating the beasts. Shaela and the Jedi found themselves the best hunters of the Order and soon the Great Hunt was declared over.

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