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Shang Troy-Thanabo

Shang-Troy Thanabo was an ancient Jedi Knight whose history was long lost to the tides of time. However, Shang-Troy's story did survive as a myth and a fable, passed down for generations among the Jedi Knights. Shang-Troy was a Jedi Master who dedicated a part of his life to searching the galaxy for Force-sensitive beings. A non-human Jedi with purple skin, matching dreadlocks, and black, glass eyes, he felt one of the most powerful surges in the Force while traveling near the planet Boranall. Having never felt such a strong presence in the Force, he journeyed to the planet to investigate.

On the surface, Shang-Troy found a young woman, pregnant and ready to give birth to twins. Assisting her in the birth, he was there to welcome the two young boys, one of which received a scar on his arm during a slight complication in the delivery. With the planet having little to offer it citizens, the boys mother agreed to let Shang-Troy take them off-planet and train them as Jedi Knights so that they might have a brighter future.

Shang-Troy took it upon himself to train the boys on a remote planet, and as the boys grew into young men strong in the Force, they came to love Shang-Troy as a father. Together they traveled the galaxy protecting the innocent and upholding justice while staying true to the Jedi way. During their travels however, the younger brother met and fell in love with a young lady who returned his love just as much. However, the older brother loved the woman just as much, and it did not take long for his love to turn to jealousy and anger.

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