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Jedi Knight Shayoto was a Jedi in service during the Sith War, although at the time of the Sith War, Shayoto had grown old and wise being centuries old already. Shayoto was in service as a Jedi Knight during such galactic incidents as the Vultar Cataclysm and the Gank Massacres. Attending the great Jedi convocation at Mount Meru on Deneba, Shayoto spoke of the information his master, and his master's master taught him about how Dark Siders operated.

Shayoto gave valuable input on the techniques used by the Dark Siders, how they hid themselves in secrecy, waiting for the corruption of galactic leaders allowed the to strike suddenly to bring down civilizations. A part of the Jedi Order for centuries already, Shayoto served them once more in the Battle of Deneba, where the Krath sent thousands of battle droids to kill the Jedi gathered there.