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Shoaneb Culu

Jedi Knight Shoaneb Culu belonged to a race of beings called the Miraluka just before the time of the Sith War. The Miraluka, because of the low level of visible light on their homeworld, gradually lost their sight, but gained extraordinary strength in the Force, through which they used to 'see.' Because of this strength in the Force, many Miraluka went on to become Jedi Knights, and Shoaneb, at her parents wished left their Miraluka homeworld of Alpheridies, to study to become a Jedi as well. However, Shoaneb found her study as a Jedi very difficult. The unfamiliar surroundings Shoaneb often found herself disoriented, and had to put much effort into gathering her bearings.

Eventually Shoaneb made her way to the Jedi planet of Ossus, and apprenticed under the great Jedi Master, Vodo-Siosk Baas. Shoaneb was a zealous student, so zealous in fact that her master mistook it for a thirst for power. However, when Shoaneb explained that she only wished to learn as much as possible so that one day she might become a teacher herself. She also expressed her plans to one day return to Alpheridies and establish a Jedi training center there, so that those who were not able to travel off the planet might have the opportunity to become Jedi themselves. Learning this, Vodo's mind eased and was eager to continue teaching his student.

However, Shoaneb had not excelled as fast as other students in the ways of the Jedi. This falling behind often frustrated Shoaneb and she constantly worried that her plans for establishing an academy might not be realized. Sensing this frustration and loss of hope within his student, Vodo held many discussions with Shoaneb, trying to get her to understand that if she stopped worrying about the future, and end her expectations about what her studies might produce from the Force, the Force might give her the results she wanted.

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