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Shylar was a Human, female Jedi Master of the Old Republic. Tall, long brown hair, Shylar was one of the many beautiful female Knights to serve the Order. As a young Padawan, Shylar became developed a romantic relationship with another young Padawan, Quinlan Vos. Even though the two were born and raised among the Jedi and understood the restrictions placed on those types of relationships. But the bonds of love can sometimes be more powerful than even the Force itself. Luckily, Shylar and Vos were exemplary apprentices. Together they decided that, as Jedi, they could not allow themselves possessions, and ended their relationship.

Decades later, Shylar would find herself as one of Jedi Master Tholme's agents during the Clone Wars. Tholme was coincidentially the man would turned out to be Quinlan Vos' master during his Padawan years. Also coincidentally, Vos would end up being assigned to the same sort of mission as Shylar: to go undercover and infiltrate Count Dooku's camp to report to the Jedi Council on all his dealings. Unfortunately, during Shylar's time sneaking around Count Dooku's camps, the Sith Lord discovered her identity and held her prisoner.

With no word from the Jedi Master, the Jedi Council feared the Jedi Master had been discovered or worse, killed, and eventually agreed to Tholme's plan to send in Quinlan Vos to assume Shylar's mission. What Vos discovered was that Shylar was indeed still alive. While in the Count's possession, Shylar had been taken to the lowest level of Dooku's camp where actions went unnoticed and screams went unheard. Held in an energy cage, Dooku unleased two of his most sinister minions, Dark Jedi Tol Skorr and Kadrian Sey, upon Master Shylar. Torturing her for information, Shylar's resistance capabilities as a Jedi are only what kept her alive. But the life was slowly draining from Shylar, and if she was not saved soon she would surely die.

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