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Sidrona Diath

Sidrona Diath was a dark-skinned human, born on the planet of Tatooine about four thousand years before the Jedi Purge. As a youth, Sidrona was a member of a desert faring people, and unlike the failed mining colonist he grew up around, Sidrona grew up to be someone of importance. Dedicating his life to the Force, Sidrona grew up to become a Jedi Knight and eventually a Jedi Master. Also unlike most of the people of Tatooine, Sidrona often made trips off planet, especially to such places as the Jedi Temple of Coruscant and the Great Jedi Library on Ossus.

And although many natives of Tatooine worked their entire lives in an effort to move off the planet, Sidrona made the desert world his permanent home. As time passed, Sidrona grew older and eventually fathered a son, Dace Diath, whom he took as his apprentice and trained him in the ways of the Jedi. Although his son had a harder time learning the ways of the Force than he did, and often had times of self-doubt, Sidrona did his best to replenish Dace's belief in himself.

Over the years Sidrona had discovered that those Jedi who had the hardest times learning to become a Jedi often became some of the best teachers, for they best understood the trials their students were going through. Sharing that discovery with his son convinced Dace that he did have the power within himself to attain the rank of Jedi Knight and someday, maybe even Jedi Master. One day, after his son had a particularly difficult day, he came to Sidrona for help and comfort. However, Sidrona felt that this time he could not help his son; Dace would have to discover the answers to his questions on his own.

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