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Sonam-Ha'ar was a Jedi in service during the Great Hyperspace War, the fall of the Sith Empire. He was a human, and was featured by white hair with a white mustache and goatee. He was friends with Jedi Knights Memit Nadill and Tuknatan. Sonam was present on Coruscant when Jedi Knight Odan-Urr arrived there to warn the Jedi and the Republic of an impending Sith threat.

Sonam was also present on Coruscant when Sith forces launched an attack against the Jedi and the Republic. He fought along side Memit Nadill, Tuknatan, one other Jedi, and Republic forces to repel the Sith threat. Sonam-Ha'ar, the Jedi, and the Republic were victorious, able to push back the Sith. Sonam-Ha'ar did his duty as a Jedi Knight as he defended Coruscant from malicious invaders and preserve peace throughout the galaxy.