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Stass Allie

Stass Allie was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic and cousin to Jedi Master Adi Gallia. Like her cousin, Stass Allie was a dark-skinned human and wore a similar Toloth headdress as Master Gallia to display her cultural heritage. By the time the Clone Wars began, Stass Allie only obtained the rank of Jedi Knight. As a skilled healer, Stass Allie hoped to join the Circle of Jedi Healers. However, Allie's interest in the healing arts did not stop her from participating in more active Jedi field work.

During the Separatist crisis, Stass Allie worked with Jedi Knights Tassida Judrelle and Quarmall to dismantle an Arconan salt smuggling cartel. Salt was a highly addictive substance to Arconans and a henchman known as Lojrak Shrag established a smuggling operation to deliver the substance to the world of Cona in the Teke Ro system. With information provided by independent traders, Stass Allie and the Jedi infiltrated the smuggling ring on an asteroid near the planet. The Jedi arrest resulted in the capture of fifteen smugglers, including Lojrak Shrag, and the death of his lieutenant, Godiban Bakoosta.

When the Separatist droid army was discovered on Geonosis, Stass Allie joined the task force of two hundred Jedi led by Mace Windu in an attempt to destroy the droid army and prevent all out war. Unfortunately, the mission failed to stop the Separatists, many Jedi died, and war broke out anyway. Despite her desire to focus on the healing arts, Stass Allie led Republic forces in many battles of the Clone Wars. She eventually attained the rank of High General and replaced her cousin Adi Gallia on the Jedi Council when she was killed at the Battle of Boz Pity.

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