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Settling the ship down on Deneba, Sylvar, Crado, and Vodo landed in the midst of an attack of battle droids sent by the Krath. Emerging in the middle of the fray, Sylvar had no trouble at all against the droids. Sylvar even rescued a toddler, snatched up by one of the droids and returned her to her mother. The baby Sylvar managed to save turned out to be Vima Sunrider, daughter of Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider, and it was here where the two were first introduced. With the convocation cut short, Sylvar returned with Crado and Vodo to the Jedi planet of Ossus where war plans would be discussed to deal with the Krath.

A half a year later, the Jedi were still at war with the Krath and things took a turn for the worst. Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma had failed at his mission to infiltrate the Krath and had actually allied himself with them becoming their new leader. Also, Exar Kun, Sylvar's former fellow student had discovered the secrets of the Sith he had been looking for a proclaimed himself new Dark Lord of the Sith. Eventually, Sylvar was part of a delegation of Jedi who traveled to the galactic capital of Coruscant to discuss with the Senate permission for the Jedi to openly deal with the threat of the Krath. While on Coruscant however, Sylvar, the Jedi, and the capital was attacked by the Krath led by Ulic, as well as Mandalorian warriors who had allied themselves with the Krath.

Fearing for their lives, Sylvar and the Jedi fought against the Krath and the Mandalorians fighting their way to where Ulic was located. Cornering Ulic in the Republic war room, Sylvar and the Jedi were able to subdue him and arrest him so that he could stand trial for his crimes against the galaxy. During the trial however, it was interrupted by Exar Kun, followed by a band of Massassi warriors and even Sylvar's mate Crado who was under the influence of a Sith spell, responsibility of Exar Kun. Sylvar launched herself at the Massassi and was successful in putting many of them down with nothing but her claws and natural fighting ability before the events were interrupted once more by Master Vodo.

Vodo believed that he was responsible for Kun and his subsequent actions, so he felt believed it was his responsibility to fix that mistake. Engaging Kun in battle, one-on-one, he received no help from Sylvar or the other Jedi who were held back by the remaining Massassi warriors. Sylvar was forced to watch as Exar Kun fought and murdered her former master. Breaking free of the Massassi's grip, Sylvar launched herself at Kun who easily repelled her with a powerful Force blow. Kun left soon after and Sylvar was left with the pain that her former master was dead, and that her mate was following the murderer.

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