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After his defeat of the Sith spirits, Thon set up a training compound a small distance from the lake, and even brought small animals from neighboring planets to help repopulate Ambria's ecosystem. For ten years, Thon remained alone on Ambria, but soon it became time for him to take on an apprentice. Learning that his old friend and Jedi Master, Garnoo, was closing in on his time to become one with the Force, Thon agreed to take on Garnoo's last apprentice, the Vultan, Oss Wilum, and brought him to his training compound on Ambria. There, Thon and Oss had the peace and quiet needed for Thon to teach and Oss to learn.

And so it went, for a few years, Thon trained Oss and disclosed to him the secrets of the Jedi, raising Oss up to be a strong Jedi Knight. But soon however, Thon and Oss' solitude was interrupted by the news that Thon's friend and Jedi Master himself, Jedi Master Chamma, had taught his student all he could. However, Chamma's student, Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider, was still in need of a teacher. As was such, it was arranged that Andur would travel to Ambria to study with Master Thon, bringing with him his wife and infant daughter, Nomi Sunrider and Vima. As many Jedi would argue, the Force works in mysterious ways, and by a simple twist of fate, Andur never made it to Ambria to study with Thon.

Along the way, at a jump station, Andur and his family stopped in to rest. He and his family were attacked by a crime boss operating out of the station and his henchmen, and in defense of his family Andur was killed. However, before he became one with the Force, Andur told his wife that he had a vision of what the Force had planned. He told her that she possessed her own unique talent in the Force, and she must take up his role as a Jedi Knight and journey to Ambria to learn from Master Thon.

Far away on Ambria, Thon and Oss felt Andur's death through the Force, and through meditation, Thon also understood that it was the will of the Force he train Nomi Sunrider to become a Jedi Knight, for she had an important role to play in the evil that would soon shake the galaxy. Eventually Nomi arrived on Ambria with her daughter Vima. Letting Nomi get introduced to Oss initially, Nomi mistook Oss for Master Thon. Before everyone's names could be cleared up, the crime boss that attacked Andur and Nomi at the jump beacon, followed Nomi to Ambria and still hassled Nomi and Oss there.

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