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Torr Snapit

Torr Snapit was a Jedi Knight in service about three thousand years after the great Sith War, during the time the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness had risen to power. The Jedi were once again at war. The Jedi and Sith had drained each other's resources, so scouting missions were conducted on both sides to recruit soldiers, or anyone else with Force-potential, into their army. Torr Snapit was one of those scouts. Torr's last scouting mission took him to the watery planet of Somov Rit, where he recruited the Force-sensitive, almost children, Bug, Rain, and Tomcat, otherwise know as Hardin, Zannah, and Darovit.

With the recruits from Somov Rit, and two other youths, Sladak and Slatka, Torr traveled to the planet Ruusan where the Jedi were battling the Brotherhood of Darkness. However, Torr and his ship came under attack by Sith forces as soon as he had entered the planet's atmosphere. During the engagement however, Torr's ship was damaged and he was forced to crash land in the forests of Ruusan, losing Rain, Sladak, and Slatka in the process. With Bug and Rain in company, Torr set out through the forests in an attempt to keep ahead of the Sith's soldiers and make it back to the Jedi camps. During the trip, Torr had to deal with Tomcat's zealousness to fight and explain to him that war was a horrible thing. As night fell, the trio was attacked by Sith minions, and although outnumbered, Torr and the youths were successful in fending off the attack.

However, more of them waited in the forests and the trio was forced to run for their lives. Coming upon a bridge that crossed a deep ravine. Hurrying Tomcat and Bug across, Torr was forced to turn and engage the Sith forces to give the two a chance to escape. Luring the minions onto the bridge, Torr used his lightsaber to sever the supports sending the Sith forces, as well as himself plunging to the rocks far below. However, the fall from above did not kill Torr right away. Tomcat in his eagerness to become a Jedi descended the ravine and found Torr. Claiming Torr's lightsaber as his own, Tomcat was surprised to see Torr had survived. In his last moments, Torr could sense Tomcat's dark intentions and warned him of his evil actions. However, with no witnesses Tomcat was free to do as he pleased. Allowing one of the stones of the ravine to fall upon Torr, Tomcat witnessed as Torr life was pressed from his body and he became one with the Force.

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